The House of Colour Story

House of Colour has been offering the best personal Colour and Style analysis since the mid 1980’s. The roots of color analysis go back to Hollywood where Robert Dorr, an artist who knew of Johannes Itten’s theories of colour groupings developed in the Bauhaus, observed how an actress could look wonderful one day, yet tired and older another; he recognised this was the effect of the colour she was wearing on her skin and the beginnings of colour analysis were born. This developed quickly into a 4 seasons analysis framework.
In the 1980’s a leading Image Consultant in the UK, Carolyn Miller, recognised that, while easy to understand, the basic four seasons system on it’s own was too rigid, inflexible and not sufficient to provide each client with an individual colour analysis that was both representative of their best colors and easy to use.
Carolyn evolved the system further to introduce the flexibility required to honour the every individual skin tone and the House of Colour system was created. The London based UK company became a Franchisor and developed the highest standards of practice and training growing a network of franchisees with exclusive areas in the UK and around the world
This system is trained to the highest standards and our expansion is exciting and rapid. While fashions, trends and fads come and go, the theory of colour, as interpreted by House of Colour, remains based in science, logic and objectivity; enabling every client to take their individual WOW! colors and look and feel wonderful. Your confidence grows and the journey to empowerment begins!
House of Colour believes that everyone is beautiful and it is our purpose to bring this belief out in everyone who seeks our services

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