Colour Analysis

  • Get ready for the compliments. Colour analysis takes your natural colouring and equips you with the knowledge and confidence to look fabulous - effortlessly, every single day.

  • Everyone deserves to know their WOW colors.   Did you know that you have a unique personal coloring to celebrate?  Did you also know that your unique skin tone, eye and hair color cause some colors to enhance your appearance?  The concept of personal color analysis started as early as the 1920’s with Johannes Itten’s work with the color wheel.  Wearing colors that harmonize with your ‘personal palette’ will make you look younger, healthier, brighter and even thinner.

  • A Personal Color Consultation is a 2 hour service designed to discover and celebrate YOU. Using a sophisticated process and principles of color science, House of Colour consultants use a time-tested process to discover your color season.  After defining your personal color palette, we will match mineral powder and blush to your personal coloring, and then help you find YOUR perfect lipsticks! This very personalized service is part of what we call the 90 Second Makeup miracle.

  • You will leave with a palette of colors personalized to you AND with a new confidence in yourself.

Developing your style

  • This eye-opening session teaches you how to create a wardrobe that allows you to look your best every day. Using Carl Jung’s basic body archetypes, you will discover how your body architecture helps dictate what style of clothing will naturally look better on you. At House of Colour, we also take personality into account because authenticity is part of creating a wardrobe that reflects confidence, trustworthiness, authority and beauty.

  • A personal style training day is designed to provide guidelines about styles of clothing that will work best for YOU for the rest of your life, regardless of what fashion is doing.  We will help you choose the right accessories, patterns and textures to complement your Personal Style.

  • A Colour and Style session with Julie or Kyla will give you the puzzle pieces to unlock the mysteries of your closet. Why do you love some of your clothes and never wear others? Statistics have shown that we wear 15% of our clothes 85% of the time. House of Colour can help you change that.

Colour Re-Rate

It’s a question we’re often asked. Do our colours change as we get older? Well… yes and no.
Your overall season is set for life because it’s based on the colour of the fat cells beneath the skin – either slightly... But as we age the elasticity in our skin changes, thus changing your very best colours WITHIN YOUR SEASON.
We recommend a colour re-rate every 5 to 7 years, or as a refresher when you feel like you are in a ”colour rut”!

Kids Colour

Colour analysis is FOR EVERYBODY no matter age!

Once you find your season it is for life, so why not bring your children along, the sooner it is done the better.

Recommended for little ones over 6 years old due to sitting still for 45 minutes.


Developed specifically by season, our makeup eliminates the guesswork that comes along with shopping for makeup. You’ll never have to wonder if your lipstick coordinates with your season again!
Contact your Abu Dhabi or Dubai consultant to order yours.

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